Luxury apartments always look so spacious and gorgeous, and what about your own house? Is it big enough? If it’s not, we offer you 3 useful tips how to visually enlarge the room. Of course, it will not help you to increase the actual square footage of your home, but at least it will look so.

Magic of Mirrors

The first and the most important tip how to visually enlarge the room is using the mirrors. Big and small, rectangular and round, wood or metallic framed mirrors – all of them will bring a magic to your place. The point is that our brains perceive the reflection in the mirror as a real continuation of the room. Therefore, the more mirrors you use the more space you add.

If you want to make your ceiling look higher, we recommend you to secure a large leaning mirror to the wall. As a result, the vertical dimension of your home will be increased. And vice versa, if you are looking for the way to make your room look wider, then you should hang up a big horizontal mirror parallel to the floor.

It’s extremely easy to find a mirror, which will beautify your wall and will bright up your interior design. However, if you have some specific requirements, don’t hesitate to order a custom mirror. The great news is that you will never have too many mirrors in your home: you can hang first one next to the entry door, second one – near your wardrobe, third one – above your bed, fourth one – in the bathroom, etc.

By the way, you can utilize not only looking glasses, but also any furnishings with the glossy surface. It also reflects the sun rays and, consequently, augment the airiness.

Play of Colors and Perspective

Have you ever experimented with the colors of the walls, ceiling and floor in your house? Probably you have already noticed that when you choose a light color scheme, then room seems to be bigger. But when you add some dark shades, it gets smaller. So, if there is a lack of space in your house now, you should paint your walls in a pastel palette. In such a way you will bring more light to the place.

If you prefer to decorate your room with the wallpapers, you still can make your room look larger.  You can reach a great visual effect of linear perspective elongation, if you utilize the wallpapers, which depict the mountains, beaches or cityscape. The image on the wall will look like a further continuation of your room.

However, if you want to find a simpler solution, we highly recommend you to use stripy wallpapers. The color and width of the stripes can vary, but the optical extension of the room will be noticeable in any case.

Harmony of Elements

The harmony in interior design is extremely important, so try to accurately combine the shapes, sizes and colors of every item you own. If your living room is tiny, don’t buy a huge TV, which will be as big as your entire wall. When you put an enormous closet, puny sofa and normal-sized table all together in one corner, you violate the proportions and make your house look even smaller. Choose furniture and electronics, which perfectly fit your room, but at the same time leave some free space.


We have just showed you the best tips how to visually enlarge the room. So, now you know that this mission is possible. Depending on your current interior design you can simply paint the walls in pastel shades or buy a wooden mirror. However, if you are ready for the cardinal changes, you can apply all named methods at the same time.

Enlarge the Room