We are team of the young LA artisans, which is headed by genius master from Germany – Alexander Muller. Our work is about transforming high quality barnwood and glass into the stunning mirrors. We take the best samples created by the Mother Nature and use them for designing 100% unique elements of home décor. If you prefer to own an exclusive stuff, our products are right for you. Our team is proud to offer you the absolutely eco-friendly barnwood mirrors, which will greatly contribute to the coziness of your house.

Excellent Barnwood

In order to create a perfect mirror, we utilize only ideal barnwood. All materials, which we use, are made in the United States and they have the highest quality possible. We precisely check all the certificates to ensure that our clients will get not only beautiful, but also totally safe mirrors.

Natural Texture

High quality wood has a magnificent 3D structure, which mustn’t be hidden. We utilize paints with the thin texture in order to highlight the natural beauty of the wooden frame.

Variety of Choices

Interior design of your house is one of a kind, so the size and design of your mirror should be special as well. Whether you are interested in square or rectangular mirror, red or white frame, we have variety of options for you. In case, if you have very specific requirements, you are more than welcome to contact us and order customized mirror.

Secure Shipping

Mirror glass is pretty fragile material, which can be easily broken in case of negligent shipment. We value our barnwood mirrors as the real gems, so we found a way to secure the transportation. Our team designed the unique boxes, which eliminate the probability of the damage. Even if you live thousands miles away from LA, your mirror will be delivered to your house safe and sound.