Custom framed wood mirrors cost more

Do you wonder why a custom framed mirror is more expensive than an ordinary one? We are ready to answer this simple question.

Unique Design

Customer satisfaction is our priority, thus we try to do our best to surprise our dearest clients with a fantastic result. The design of every custom framed mirror is an exclusive one, so artisan should make it from the scratch. Master is not able to use any semimanufactures or templates, and, for this reason, he spends much more time and efforts on handcrafting process.

Expensive Materials

The quality of the barnwood and mirror glass, which we use in production, is outstanding. Correspondently, their cost is pretty high. The problem is that, working on the unordinary orders, designer has to use the bigger quantity of the expensive raw materials. Regardless of the size of your mirror, whether it is really huge or small, artisan deals with a great amount of the bits and pieces left from production. Hence, it also influences the price of the final product.

Challenging Crafting Process

Moreover, the used 1/4” silver mirror is pretty thick and solid, which makes the cutting process more difficult and time-consuming.

Unique Wood Box

The custom framed mirror must be shipped in a secure way, so we have to build a special wood box of the appropriate size.

Drawing to conclusion, we want to say that we like to accept the challenges and we are happy to work on unordinary one-time projects. We are ready to spend extra time, materials and efforts to ensure that you get a perfect mirror of your dreams. However, we hope that you understand why the value of the custom framed mirror is greater and why you should pay higher price for it.