The One and Only

The excellence in quality is our highest priority, so we meticulously choose materials and control every stage of production. Crafting of the barnwood mirrors is a creative process, thus we use not only grinder, but also our imagination.

Our team works hard to provide you with the eco-friendly stylish barnwood mirrors. We produce mirrors only from the U.S. materials, which passed the strict certification and met all requirements. Thus, quality of the wood, silver mirror and paint is as high as it is possible. As a result, our mirrors provide our clients with the clearest and the most precise view.

We are proud to announce that every item handmade by LA Artisan Mirrors is unique in design and superb in its functionality. We are the only online shop in the country, which crafts the barnwood mirrors with a great passion in order to reveal the natural beauty of the wood.

Making a Right Choice

Chasing opportunities to cut the production cost, mirrors manufacturers started to use the cheapest materials. Most of the overseas companies produce mirrors using toxic plastic and MDF material, which is a fake wood made of the compressed paper and glue. Moreover, the frames of the mirrors pretty often are covered with the toxic low quality paint.

The problem is that 96% of all mirrors in the USA are imported, so it is extremely difficult to find a high quality national product in the market. Consequently, purchasing new mirror in the nearest store your take a risk to get an item, which will poison the air in your room with the harmful toxins.

Breathe Freely

While it is hard to see the clear difference between the high quality and poor quality barnwood mirrors, it is easy to feel it. Our body is sensitive to the toxic elements, so if there is a cheap mirror in the room, we suffer from the asthma, allergy, headache, insomnia and other diseases. Dangerous toxins spread in the air, and then they get into our lungs when we breathe in. As a consequence of the lasting negative influence, health condition worsens a lot.

If you are fighting with your health problem for a long time, but have not discovered the root of the issue yet, we recommend you to evaluate every item in your room. If you own the mirror of doubtful quality, it is time to replace it with the “green” product by LA Artisan Mirrors.

High Durability

Using ideal materials in production, we ensure the high durability of the mirror. Solid wooden frame is covered with the fine paint, which will not peel off in next few years. Consequently, our barnwood mirrors will serve you, your kids and even your grandchildren.

Value of Artwork

Due to the fact that our mirrors are handcrafted by designers, they have much greater value than ordinary furniture. Products of LA Artisan Mirrors are considered as the unique pieces of art. In addition, every wooden mirror is signed by artist and has a date of fabrication on the backside

Secure Transportation

Most of people hesitate to order a barnwood mirror online, because of the possible problems with the transportation. Therefore, we want to dispel all your doubts and fears. Our team developed the unique wood boxes with easy-open system to ship the mirrors. Hence, our invention let us provide you with 100% guarantee that your wooden framed mirror will be transported safe and sound. In other words, occurrence of a defect during the conveyance is simply impossible. So, we are ready to ship your custom mirror anywhere: from Alaska to Florida, from Hawaii to New York.

Hence, if you care about your health, and about the style of your interior design, then LA Artisan Mirrors is the only U.S. company, which can satisfy your wants.