Do you dream about living in the coziest home on the globe? If your house is not homey enough, it’s time to make a renovation and set a tone of the rustic style. It seems to be the most suitable design for those people, who want to feel the ultimate comfort and enjoy the naturalness of the furnishings. Moreover, rustic notes in home décor is a most popular fashion trend of the last few years.

You don’t need to be an expert in the field of the interior design to define a rustic style. In this article we will provide you with 5 main features, so you will be able to decorate your room in appropriate way.

Natural Materials

The rustic interior design is all about the natural wood, stone and textile fabrics. If you see that room is equipped with the plastic or metal furniture, than it has nothing in common with the rustic style. You should never use the fake wood options such as MDF, because it will make your room look cheap and wretchedly. The naturalness is the ultimate feature, which creates that special cozy atmosphere. Thus, it cannot be ignored.

Neutral Shades

The rustic interior design is not bright. All brown shades of the wood are the most prevalent. In addition, the mute shades of grey, green, beige and gold usually complement the homey furnishings. The harmony of colors is a must for authentic rustic style.

Airiness of Space

While modern apartments look like tiny plastic boxes, which have a lack of air and light, the rustic rooms always look spacious. Even if a room has a small size, it looks much bigger with the wood framed mirror. The play of the light and shades helps to create a visual effect of the spaciousness. This style makes you feel closer to the nature, and you can breathe freely.

Simplicity of Shapes

Rustic interior design is filled with the simple, but elegant furniture and hardware. Shapes of every element in the room are rough, not florid. However, if you prefer modern rustic style, you can mix solid wooden furniture with the extraordinary vibrant works of the contemporary art.

Plenty of Light

Home cannot be cozy, if it is dark and gloomy. You should try to bring more light into your place. You can use numerous handmade lamps and torcheres. Also it’s a great idea to brighten up your room with the magnificent fireplace. This element of décor is always a win-win option for adding some warmth to the home atmosphere. If you have no opportunity to install a real fireplace, you can select a splendid electrical analogue.

Handmade Design

Rustic style always looks expensive, because every piece of the furniture looks like a work of artisan art. Handmade solid wooden tables, chairs and sliding barn doors set a rich tone to interior design. Any items, which represent mass market production, look unnaturally, cheap and inappropriate. We can give you an advice to invest your money in the masterpieces of contemporary art in order to grow the value of your home in a long run.


The rustic design is simple, so don’t try to overload the space with the unnecessary stuff. Pay more attention to the most important elements of the home décor. For example, you can beautify your room with the reclaimed wood mirror or artisan barn door hardware. These opulent details will brightly demonstrate all the glory of the rustic style. Don’t forget to choose the decorative elements with the natural shapes and colors only, and then your room will be extremely cozy and infinitely elegant.